Tuesday, November 11, 2014


Here we go again. Rolled my other ankle. Not as bad as the first, but this getting old shit sucks. Healing up as quick as possible. I have only been able to skate 6 months so far this year. BUMMER. Get other hobbies I suppose. Picked frisbee golf back up, downloading as many arcade games on xbox as possible. Beer is usually involved.

Been doing several interviews lately. One of which will be coming out on print in form of a tri state guide for the area. Manned by my good friend Jason Lucas. Be sure to go and check it out when it drops at the end of the week. You will be able to pick it up at any hotel/rest area/ local bar. Also HUNTINGTON CYCLE & SPORT will have copies so go grab one up.

What else...... " A FOOLS PARADISE " has officially been released onto the internet. No hard copies just yet, but here is the link. Thanks again for the hard work RRRRMACK & SHAM put into this thing. Really shows how much talent in skateboarding there is. Even for the little guys. 

Im going to try to keep this blog going as long as I dont forget about it. Tumblr seems to be weeding out all the cracks and widdling what left of chit chat people have. So pictures are the new big thing.

I took some video/photos from a recent excursion (hiatus) to Ironton, OH with Paulie and A-RON to sling some frisbees off a hill into a little basket and also do some skateboarding. I like the Ironton parks layout. The jersey barrier is obviously our forte'. Go session the spot if you ever get a chance, there is also some benches and flatbars if you are into that. Shout out to @CHAMPATP lurkin the park daily, I believe hes got a house right next to the park now. Always down to session.
Couple of beers later and a stop at leos we were back in huntington safe n sound. Ill post the video once I get the edit done. Paulie let me borrow his go pro so you know Ill be posting alot more here in the near future.

Big ups to Lusher makin his traveling debut roaming across america with none other than MAX SNOW. Safe journeys. You can follow his ass through tumblr at HILLBILLY MAGAZINE

THE HUNTINGTON SKATEPARK is coming along smoothly. Deadline is Dec 1st. So lets get this phase done and start the next. I'm currently working on some events planned for next year to try to get some money comin in as well as new shirts made. Might be a collab with @CHAWGUE in the works. If you havent gotten a shirt from the first run we did, dont fret. I've got a few left. Hit me up and lets make some concrete magic. Heres some old/new photos of the HUNTINGTON SKATEPARK process. Thanks to Bob Halliburton whos been cool enough to head down there every now and again to take some flicks. cheers mate.

We out here. Naw sayin? 

Back on the Stuntwood tomorrow, wish me luck. I'll keep you posted.

Wednesday, June 18, 2014


Kickflip back tail to 90 degree ankle roll.

So I've been off work since monday. Keeping this thing iced and elevated. The swelling has gone down since i rolled it on saturday. Just bummed ofcourse.

Bummed because I might have to miss out on BOWL BASH 19 this weekend.
If you had go skate day plans for whatever reason, go ahead and drop them and grab the camp gear and git your ass to rutland, oh ASAP.

Fullpipe fakie ollie

Paul & I skatin Lula

Adam & I puttin in work
 Camp mud pit. Andy, Paul, Sham, Myself, Adam, & Willy

We now have site where you can donate online. Help us reach our goal and get the 2nd phase of the HUNTINGTON SKATE PARK a reality. CLICK HERE!

Monday, June 9, 2014


Let me kick off this shit and say it's been a hell of a good start to this summer already. Helped some homies @chieftony @jimisonesa build a mini ramp.....

Once the ramps were out everyone was stoked to be on the board and on the asphalt again. Suns back out and everyone is shredding.
New footage from the cold winter is starting to leak.

Steady killing it.
He came out with some recent footage.
Best dude.
@ZACKDEBRULAR has also been killin it as usual.
You'll have to wait to see all that rawness once @GNARLESTONGOODS finishes up his video.
The video is based on showing how much social media has changed skateboarding in the eyes of us. Skateboarders.

Just this passed weekend we made a trip to chill with @ORANGEOPPOSITE to sesh @GNARLESTONGOODS @ZACH_SPARKS_ were in attendance. Along with my dumbass old ass trick ass

@ZACH_SPARKS_ with a kickflip grinder 

Got some throw away clips for ya asses.

As far as everything else is going, shits good. Lifes good. Let the summer roll. I may not be at the beach, but we in these streets. We'll keep ya posted.

Wednesday, March 19, 2014


ANDREW RAMEY frontside overcrook

Got to skate some spots I haven't been to in awhile this past weekend. 

ZACK SPARKS kickflip

 I saw this ditch the other night after getting dinner, it looked like it could be skateable. Place needs some cleaning for sure. It was a warm up spot so we made the best of it.

Heres a new edit from GNARLESTON skating the NITRO park
featuring Jacob Burrows, Brennan Rhinehart, Tyler Woodward, Zack Sparks, & Zack Debular

Sunday, February 23, 2014


The Walter Gropius Master Artist

The Huntington Museum of Art looks forward to welcoming Don Pendleton as a Walter Gropius Master Artist. An exhibit titledParis Signs Presents: Fine Lines: The Artwork of Don Pendleton goes on view at HMA March 8 and continues through June 1, 2014. The artist will speak about his work on April 10, 2014, at 7 p.m. Admission to the April 10 presentation is free. Refreshments will be served.

Don Pendleton will return to HMA for a skateboard demonstration event at 2 p.m. May 17, 2014. Don Pendleton is also presenting a three-day workshop at HMA titled
Fine Lines: The Art of Skateboard Graphics, which will take place from April 11-April 13, from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. each day. To register or for workshop fee information, call (304) 529-2701. As skateboards have made their way from the streets into some of the largest museums in the world, the Huntington Museum of Art explores this cultural phenomenon and the fine line between commercial art and fine art with Pendleton's three-day workshop. During the workshop, Pendleton says participants will immerse themselves in the history of skateboard graphics, culture and design and also create their own original piece on a skateboard deck. The workshop will encourage participants to focus on the fundamentals of solid design on the most basic level, using sketchbooks and pens/pencils to explore the ideas of space, balance, contrast, shape and typography.